There’s so much for new architects to learn, but it’s possible for anyone to become a skilled architectural professional over time. Here we’ve brought together seven top traits that can help you forge a career you find meaningful and enjoyable

Learn from others
Working in a team is great because it allows you to reach out to mentors and senior architects, who will likely be more than happy to help you. What better way to learn and develop your skilset, whilst also gaining a fresh perspective on the project you’re working on.

Be a problem solver
With each project being unique, you’ll constantly come across issues and need to find a suitable solution to address the problem. Curiosity is a great strength here. If you can question how things will work and look for ways to improve things, you’ll be on your way to success.

An architect’s toolkit – 7 top traits for new architects

Practice communication
As an architect, you’ll be working with clients from different backgrounds with diffrenet requirements, and good people skills are important. You’ll need to be able to listen and understand what your client is looking for as well as negotiate when needed.

Build your technical knowledge
Architecture isn’t just about design, and so having some enthusiasm for the technical side of things is a big advantage. Some knowledge of maths, physics and IT can help turn your ideas into a design that is functional and feasible.

Embrace mistakes
We all make mistakes, in every job. Failing isn’t a bad thing; it’s a stepping stone to becoming better. Acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them. If you can survive failure and come out the other side stronger, that shows the valuable quality of perserverance. Don’t give up!

CMS Architects

Network, network, network!
Building a network helps to open up new opportunities and makes life as an architect easier. Take every opportunity to make new connections and build good relationships with them. You never know where a new contact could lead!

Never stop learning
Investing time in yourself will pay off, so keep learning and building on your strengths. The more knowledge and skills you have, the more you’ll progress in your career and be presented with new opportunities. Make every day a learning day!

So there you have it. Our seven top traits for new architects. In our opinion, seven highly valued qualities that make for an excellent architect. If you’re new to the field of architecture and can take these tips on board, you’ll be on your way to crafting a career to be proud of! 

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