Architecture is a key pillar of our organisation, so we thought we would delve into this area of the business a little more. What is architecture? What does a day in the life of an Architect look like? What do our Architects like most about their work? Let’s catch up with some of the team and find out.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines architecture as ‘the art and practice of designing and making buildings.’ Sounds simple, right? Whilst this is correct, there is in fact a huge amount of work that goes into the process of designing and making a building. The practice of architecture is varied, at times challenging, but always rewarding.

Our CMS Architects team is made up of eight talented and skilled individuals, who collaborate to achieve high quality designs. Having a combination of Architects, Architectural Technicians and Interior Designers means we can tackle a project with a wealth of expertise. Combined with the other disciplines CMS has to offer – including project management and surveying services – the possibilities are endless.

Birch House, Bath

Our Architects, Paul and Hannah, have been with CMS for 21 and 9 years respectively. With nearly 30 years’ combined experience, they’ve worked on their fair share of projects, from schools and health facilities to commercial and private residential properties. Here’s what they had to say about the practice of architecture and the work they do.

What is architecture really about?

Architecture isn’t just about design. It’s about enhancing our way of life. Everything we do comes back to the fundamental purpose of creating a solution that will serve the client and enrich their lifestyle, whatever that looks like. The work we do is for them.

When we work on educational projects, we have the pupils and staff in mind. Every aspect of the design is focused on optimising user experience and creating the best possible environment for them.

The same applies when it comes to other types of project, from residential to commercial, from heritage to the health sector. It’s the needs and requirements of the people involved that remain the priority throughout.

Wadswick Green Retirement Village

What does a day in the life of an Architect look like?

Well, there’s no straight answer to that! An Architect’s role is multi-faceted, and a typical day’s work can involve all sorts of elements, both in the office and on site.

Usually, we’ll start by checking in with emails and our workload for the day ahead. Office work can include sketching designs, creating digital plans for a project, attending meetings virtually, working on proposals for potential new projects and responding to emails and calls. We also have frequent team meetings to discuss progress on projects and keep everyone on the same page, working collaboratively.

Visiting sites we are working on is also integral to our role. We are responsible for overseeing projects and maintaining open lines of communication with clients every step of the way. A typical day can include any or all of the above!

CMS Architects at work

What do our architects like most about their work?

The variety is a great part of the job. With so many aspects to an Architect’s role, each day can look quite different. Every project is unique, which certainly keeps things interesting. You’re always learning and there are plenty of opportunities to collaborate with different people, both within and outside of the organisation.

As an Architect you use both sides of your brain every day; you need the creative side, but this works hand in hand with the logical side to make a project work. Projects can present many a challenge, but they’re always solvable with the right approach and it can be rewarding to a find a way to transform a problem into a solution.

There’s also the fact that an Architect’s role is important at every stage of a project, from the initial concept to the building’s completion. Seeing a project progress from a mere idea to a brand-new building open for use is incredible and makes all the hard work worthwhile.

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