Castle Mead Primary School

CMS Project Managers & Surveyors were brought in as Employer’s Agents and Cost Consultants to support a new-build project at Castle Mead Primary School. On behalf of The Mead Academy Trust, this Design & Build project was completed in collaboration with Bray & Slaughter as D&B Contractor.

The project was a timber frame construction which created a new classroom block with two classrooms, a group room and associated toilet facilities. Notably, the building was designed to be Carbon Net Zero in Use, with various elements contributing to its excellent carbon efficiency.

Photovoltaics were utilised to provide a renewable energy source, an air source heat pump was installed to drive underfloor heating, and LED lighting with absence detection to minimise energy wastage. A passive ventilation system was also incorporated to control CO2 levels and provide fresh air, along with high performance glazing to reduce solar gain and improve insulation.

Further modernising the building, acoustic panels were installed to minimise reverberations. We also made provision for other community improvements during the project, such as the installation of a defibrillator outside the school gate for use by the local community.

With the construction phase taking place in a live environment during school time, the project was successfully delivered within the constraints of the existing and operational school with limited space.

Employer’s Agent: CMS Project Managers & Surveyors Ltd
Cost Consultant: CMS Project Managers & Surveyors Ltd
D&B Contractor: Bray & Slaughter
Clerk of Works: DACWS Ltd