CMS Architects have been involved with this landowner for some years now, but the most recent works saw a large retail unit (known as Wadswick Country Stores) extended & enhanced creating the popular Forage restaurant – a major rural diversification project that included:

• Extending & enhancing a large retail unit known as Wadswick Country Stores.
• Master-planning change of use of wider agricultural buildings to create a mixed-use development as part of a major programme of rural diversification proposals comprising various employment uses, restaurant, gym, residential and ongoing agricultural uses.
• Creation of a large open plan office converted from a steel frame storage barn
• Growing & harvesting miscanthus grass for district wide heating system via biomass boiler systems.
The client has a genuine concern over global warming and has set upon a major programme of investigating how as a landowner and farmer he can utilise his assets to provide viable business alternatives that adopt low or neutral carbon technologies and minimise carbon emissions.

forage wadswick