Corsham Primary School

Design of a permanent extension to Corsham Primary School to allow for the removal of the school’s temporary buildings.

The opportunity was taken to provide additional facilities currently not contained within the school and improve upon the restricted and congested entrance/waiting areas, to the benefit of the pupils, staff, parents and visitors. The proposals also facilitate the relocation of the Early Years classrooms to the new build, where dedicated outside play space is provided in line with current guidance.

From the outset, sustainability was a key driver in the design development. CMS proposed a design that through orientation, section design and good detailing optimised natural daylight, natural ventilation and minimised heating demands due to high U-Values and airtightness levels.

The biggest challenge for the project was delivery within the budget. Thus, we regularly reviewed the costs as the build progressed to detailed design, ensuring financial viability remained and client expectations were realised.