Landscape Architecture 

Creating new landscape impact by making your landscape design matter.

Landscape architecture is about creating inspiring, beautiful spaces that provide bespoke and creative landscapes for all to enjoy. From the very small to the very large, our approach to each project is the same. Be inspired by the local area, design unique schemes and create wonderful spaces. By utilising the existing landscape features and creating a design that fits with the wider surroundings, we also encourage the biodiversity of a site to thrive alongside the visions of our clients.

Our Services Include


Landscape Design


Urban Design


Landscape Planning






Town Visual Impact Assessment’s


Figure data and baseline information


Landscape Character Assessments


SWOT Analysis

Concept designs

Sketch scheme proposals



Detail planting plans

LAP, LEAP and NEAP designs

Hard and soft works detailing

Landscape Management Plans


Landscape Visual Impact Assessments

“The design and orientation of the house makes the most of our setting and its views. Every morning we wake up to an ever-changing panorama of fields, coast, and sea. Perfect and very lucky!”

Private Clients, Private Dwelling in Dorset