The CMS Group champion Peter Blake (Managing Director) has returned triumphant taking 5th place out of all Brits and 30th out of all 81 competitors in his race at the demanding World Triathlon Championships.

Peter flew out to Cozumel, Mexico to compete in the triathlon and has been training specifically for this event since January due to the high level of the competition and the intense heat expected during the races.

Peter, who has always enjoyed taking on new and sometimes extreme opportunities, couldn’t wait to get out into the blazing sun at Cozumel. Having been trained especially by Claire Frances of Bybrook in the heat chamber at Bath University, he went on to give the race everything he had, and he certainly achieved this considering his time came in at 2.16.21!

The World Triathlon Championships saw the likes of Alice Jenkins compete and win, with Peter honoured to be among the elite. He said, “having the opportunity to train and compete with fellow GB athletes at a national level with breath-taking surroundings, combined with watching the concluding World Championship decider, which turned out to be more dramatic and emotional than any other time thanks to the Brownlee brothers, was incredible.”

The World Triathlon Championships got the attention it deserved this year with the British duo making headlines for their outstanding display of brotherly love as Alistair Brownlee helped his brother, who was close to falling unconscious, cross the finish line in second place. Peter himself smashed the finish line as well and all of us here at CMS couldn’t be prouder.

World Triathlon Championships